Last year, I finally decided to get back into ceramic art again. It was my major back at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, but after I graduated, I barely even touched clay thanks to small apartment living. After I got married about seven years ago, I knew I wanted to keep making things, but I still wasn't in the position to have a ceramic studio.. someday, I kept telling myself.

In the meantime, I learned jewelry making, book making, painting, stamp carving.. and probably a few other little hobbies as well. Each craft was fun, and I still like going back to them every now and then.

Today, however, I now have the space for a ceramic studio, and its starting to feel like I never left. There's shelves piling up with planters and bowls, my little kiln is probably running a bisque or glaze fire, and I have clay under my fingernails again. And I'm so grateful for all of it.

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I find myself drawn to unique creations. The Victorian steampunk genre, Middle Eastern motifs, antiques, and natural elements, especially flora, all have their own ways of inspiring me to try something new and something different.

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Making things! I love to be working on things. Journaling, stamp carving, DIY projects around the house, or even working digitally with Inkscape or coding. I also love reading sci-fi, writing, and learning more about Islam.

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In 2012, I finally opened a small shop on Etsy. Its been a challenge getting an audience and followers, but now that I've started selling my ceramic work, its starting to pick up again. I hope to keep it going and I'm in the process of turning it into a full time business. Its been fun working on different styles and creating unique collections. I hope others find joy in using and displaying my work in their homes as much as I enjoy making each piece.

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