Paintings in Acrylic and/or Oil:

These are original paintings and most are available for purchase upon request.
Or check out my listings on Threadless and Society6 to order prints, decor, accessories, and much more!

Abstract Patchwork
Allahu al-samad (n/a)
Al Fatiha *
Mercedes AMG (n/a)
Arcadian Dawn
Best of Planners (n/a)
Binary Triangles (n/a)
Birch Trees (n/a)
Rushed Cityscape *
Brook in NH (n/a)
Created in Pairs (n/a)
Oil and Water
Fire and Ice
Bloom Where You're Planted 1
Bloom Where You're Planted 2
Drifting (n/a)
Flower Sketch
Full Moon *
Dried Flowers *
Geo Series 1
Geo Series 2
Geo Series 3
Geo Series 4
Geo Series 5
Hummingbirds (n/a)
Jasmine Flowers
Kun fi ya Kun (n/a)
Mecca (n/a)
Moment of Solitude *
Moose (n/a)
Queue (n/a)
Strawberry *
Beautiful Patience (n/a)
Pink Patchwork
Purple Patchwork
Shades of Red
Skeleton Key *
Kitchen Spices *
Syria at Fajr
Syria Relief
Syria Ruins

* Prints available on Society6. See something you love but its no longer in my shop? Send me an e-mail at for a custom piece! I am more than happy to work with you!

Digital work available at Threadless and/or Society6

Floral Arrow
Floral Fish 1
Floral Fish 2
Floral Footprints
Floral Fox
Floral Octopus
Floral Unicorn
Double Koi
Geometric Galaxy
Ginkgo Leaves
Origami Crane
Warhol Daffodils

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