Mayco Test Tiles - Norse Blue and Frosted Lemon (7/9)

By: Megan Baig
June 4, 2021

Welcome back! Again, I'm so happy if you've made it this far and I hope this has been as enlightening for you as it has for me. I'm still enjoying writing these, but we're almost coming to an end. I hope you'll send me a message letting me know what you think of these glaze combinations as well as any questions you might have or possibly any combinations not listed here that you'd like to see. If I have the glazes, I'll make a test and write about it here.

So today's glazes are Norse Blue and Frosted Lemon, two glazes that had been on my wish list for awhile, and for good reason: they're lovely! Whether they're on their own, layered, or just enhanced with a bit of flux, they're definitely new staples in my glaze inventory.

First I'll talk a bit about Norse Blue. Its pretty stable on its own, and even with the other glazes and fluxes it doesn't run nearly as much as the others. As mentioned earlier (post 4/9), if you take this glaze and add some brown crystals to it, you get the Cenote glaze.

Norse Blue is quickly becoming one of my go-to glazes, not just because of its eye-catching color, but because of its stability and the fact that it 'plays well' with other glazes. I definitely want to explore more combinations with this one. Sometimes there's not enough hours in the day..

Moving on, my next glaze is Frosted Lemon. It both looks and sounds delicious. On its own its a beautiful golden yellow. When you add light and dark flux, you get streaks of pink and purple, respectively. Paired with some of the other glazes, it can really make a piece pop. Check them out!

At this point, I was quickly running out of test tiles, so I had to make a lot of hard decisions as to which combos I wanted to see the most. Once my shows are done at the end of the month, I'm hoping to get some more test tiles made and expand my collection even more, and eventually test these out with some of Amaco's glazes as well. Too many combinations to count, and I'll never get all of them, but its an ongoing ambition.

Up next: Sandstone, Muddy Waters, and Green Tea! I hope you'll check back soon!