Mayco Test Tiles - Cenote (Part 5/9)

By: Megan Baig
May 19, 2021

Coming back for more, yeah? That is so great, because today I finally get to show you the Cenote glaze. Its quickly becoming a personal favorite of mine, so much so, that the other day I ordered two pints of it from Mayco. The soft blue with the lovely brown crystals is just amazing, and when paired with other glazes? Chef's kiss :D

So I won't keep you waiting any longer. I was tempted to save this one for last, but part of me wants to keep going in order, so that's what I'll do. Presenting.. Cenote!

As you can see above, even on its own its beautiful. The light and dark fluxes add a nice effect, too.

Fun fact: Cenote is just Norse Blue with brown crystals added!

Out of all of these, it was really hard to pick a favorite.. I'm not even sure if I have. I feel like Cenote is going to be one of those glazes that I keep going back to because it doesn't look like it will ever disappoint.

So that wraps up the new stoneware glazes! I really hope you're enjoying these posts. I'm having fun writing them, actually, and I'm so glad I get to show off all the glaze combinations. Eventually I want to have all of them hanging from a board so I can quickly look up the one I want; right now they're chilling in a box under my slab roller. I think it will be quite the sight once all the combos are done.. might be several months in the future, but hopefully someday. And when that time comes, I'll be sure to share my findings with you. So thanks so much again for reading. I hope you're staying safe, and I'll be back soon with more exciting glaze combos.

Up next: Coral and Copper Float!

And a friendly reminder for this weekend: Farmstead Arts Show in Basking Ridge, NJ. I hope to see you there! <3