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Drippy Blue Ceramic Planter with Yellow Sandal Sprig Sold

Mid Fire Ceramic Vessel - Flower Pot - Yellow and Blue Planter

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A nice summer planter for your table! Made from mid fire white clay and glazed with a nice speckled blue over a lightly carved texture, its the perfect piece to give your shelf that lovely pop of color. The bright yellow sprig is a stylized version of a design known as the Prophet's Sandal.

Size: 4.5 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches tall.

This piece is thrown, altered, and glazed by hand. Slight imperfections may be visible but they only serve to add to the uniqueness and beauty of the piece. Glaze is non-toxic and food safe.

Plant is included! It's known as a Polished Ox Tongue, also a Liliputana. It's quite hardy, loves the sun, and only needs water when the soil is dry. It will self-propagate and can be thinned out or transferred to a larger planter when it outgrows this one. Available for local pick up only.

Color Disclaimer: Due to small differences in colors on monitors and devices, pieces may appear slightly different in person. With this in mind, I have made every effort to make the colors and finishes on screen as close as possible to the colors and finishes of the products you'll purchase.

Materials: Clay, Glazes, plant, dirt, stones
Tags: Modern Ceramics, Home Decor Ceramics, Small Ceramic Vessel, Ceramic Planter, Summer Planter, Blue and Yellow Planter, Flower Pot, tall planter, sprig planter, drippy planter, carved planter, handmade ceramic planter, handmade pottery

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