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Small Stamped Terracotta Wavy Ring Dish with Speckled Jade Glaze Sold

Low Fire Ceramic Dish - Jewelry Dish - Accessory Dish - Small Ring Dish

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A sweet little ring dish for your dresser! Made from low fire terracotta clay and decorated with a hand carved stamped design under a greenish speckled glaze, its the perfect piece to hold your rings or an incense cone. It also makes a great gift!

Size: about 3 inches in diameter and .75 inches tall.

This piece is stamped and glazed by hand. Slight imperfections may be visible but they only serve to add to the uniqueness and beauty of the piece. Glaze is non-toxic and food safe.

Jewelry is for scale and is not included, but an incense cone is! Please be careful when handling lit cones; the ceramic dish may become hot as well as the cone burns down towards the bottom. Do not leave burning cones unattended.

Color Disclaimer: Due to small differences in colors on monitors and devices, pieces may appear slightly different in person. With this in mind, I have made every effort to make the colors and finishes on screen as close as possible to the colors and finishes of the products you'll purchase.

Materials: Ceramic
Tags: Stamped Ring Dish, Speckled Jade Dish, Small Stamped Dish, Hand Stamped Dish, Geometric Ring Dish, Home Decor Ceramics, Shallow Low Dish, Modern Ceramics, Incense Cone Dish, Terracotta Dish, Textured Stamp Dish

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